Java 7 is here…’s about time

Finally after a long time Java 7 is finally here. It has many features.

The most interesting features in my opinion are:

  • NIO 2, which is a real revolting to Java IO
  • Syntax extensions: Automatic resource cleanup(instead of close in finally), String in switch, binary literals, literals separator and shorter generic write
  • new Garbage Collector as default

You can download it from oracles download site for developer:

The default user download site still points to Java 6.

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1 Response to Java 7 is here…’s about time

  1. SteveRob says:

    Yeah. Its awesome! Its been a really long wait for it!
    BTW, i wrote an article outlining the new lang features. Check it out if you want!

    Edit of 0takun:
    Here is his direct link:

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