JaCoCo – the new and revolting Java Code Coverage tool

I’ve stumpled across JaCoCo while searching for a possibility to have the code coverage of a multi modul project merged.

JaCoCo is made from the same developer, which made the eclipse plugin EclEmma.

The big advantage (and disadvantage maybe) is that JaCoCo uses a JavaAgent to instrument the classes on the fly. That means no extra instrumentation step is needed beforehand. The disadvantage is, you need to specify the JavaAgant as a JVM parameter.

But imho it’s a far better solution of the instrumentation problem as the old instrument the classes you want coverage for step.

JaCoCo is available for Sonar 2.2. Sadly there doesn’t exist a stable maven2 plugin yet (there is one for sonar and on mojo/sandbox). But it should only be a matter of time 🙂


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